Saturday, July 25


Two posts today!

I wanted to share some photos that have been on my camera. Some from here in Juneau, some from Portland, and then a new one of Kodak - because it is too adorable not to.

Fire weed at Brotherhood Bridge

A coffee cup planter! I was so excited to see it. Mom suggested making a bigger "saucer" for it if I decide to copy it at my shop.

I don't remember what flower this is, but I love it.

Ciara, looking loads better after getting out of the hospital, and mom, taking a break from lots of flower shopping at C's favorite nurseries.
This chair is great.
Another lovely plant
Mom, Ciara and I about to send Mom off to the airport on the MAX

View flying into Juneau
Kodak, sporting his new name tag. I will not have two kitties go missing.

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