Wednesday, July 8

Treking about

Yay Wednesday. Done with the craziness that comes with the beginning of every week. I haven't had a really long day in almost three weeks, so it was great to finally get loaded with one yesterday. Today I had some great people on board that made the heat tolerable. Again with the heat. Three days now in the 80's or above. Crazy weather!

After work today I was glad I went with Lauren to hike/run the Perserverence Trail that leads out of downtown. It goes up about 1500 feet above see level, and has some really incredible views. Lauren and I always seem to have great conversations when we go running, so that was refresing too. Talking for a purpose other than a tour. We got back and realized we hiked/ran 6 miles. After two days of being dog tired, I didn't think I could go out and do 6 miles like it was nothin. Made me feel pretty good about myself.

Ciara is doing better, with hopes arising that she'll be out of the hospital by Friday. Yay! It has been great to be connected to my family, even though it comes from unfortunate circumstances.

But now for some sleep.

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