Thursday, July 2

Rainbows and Sunshine

Happy July!I was out at the glacier yesterday, waiting for my people in the driver parking lot, and this little black bear came strolling through. The bear came ho-humming around the buses then went off into the woods just there behind our luxurious restrooms. By the time I got my camera out, I only snapped one photo, but it was great regardless.

Even without the bear story to tell my passengers, my tours yesterday were great! I has a lot of positive feedback, and the day flew by. One of my friends came up to me a the Glacier Gardens in the middle of one of my tours and said it was obvious I'd had my coffee that day :)

I had drank a delicious cup of java that morning, but I'm pretty sure my energy and overall glow came from the fact that I got to talk to Dan the evening before. Yay! I pretty much felt like this. He is now done with his summer course work and off on his own traveling until July 21st.

Monday, Lauren and I went on an incredible trail run at the south end of the road. Waterfalls were gushing, the forest was quiet, and we were happily surprised to find the trail lead all the way to the beach. Only in this far north can a person start into the woods at 8pm and return an hour and a half later with plenty of light to read a book. I got good and muddy, and Lauren got me energized for a few runs that are coming up in the next six months. She was encouraging me to come to Seattle in November for a reunion visit/half marathon.

And just a quick note about my address: I got reprimanded from the mailman because I mistakenly gave my current location as Juneau, when in fact, I'm technically in Douglas. So, to those of you that have been so kind as to send me encouraging letters and boxes, please make not of that.

Happy early birthday to Fairbanks and Danny!

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  1. Potty trained black bear. Might make a good pet!



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