Sunday, June 28

Fools Run photos

Photo by Erin Fahsholtz
The run was awesome. We ended up having about 21 people in the bus which was originally created for, oh, 10. It was a little cramped. I'm really surprised no one fell.
Along with the bus we also had one of our mechanics in the race, following us in the "Shop Truck" which was complete with working head lights and tail lights. He also had equipment to fix us, ie: tape, rope, etc.
There were four side panels, one front panel, and a license plate hanging from the back.
One other awesome costume was this dude, a driver from ACT that made an Xtratuff boot. Everyone wears these things - it was an instant hit.

Group shot!
Photo by Erin Fahsholtz
Side shot!
Photo by Erin Fahsholtz
Crossing the finish line!
Photo by Erin Fahsholtz

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