Wednesday, June 24

Run. Forest.

I am super excited for this Saturday night. I am part of a herd that is running in the Caterpillar catagory in this year's Fools Run. Several drivers, ops managers, and dock reps (maybe) are going to run together as a huge bus, complete with working tail lights (hopefully). In this part of the race, everyone has to be connected, so we will be a huge blue bus made out of cardboard, connected by rope (I'm assuming). There will be others in costumes that go with the bus motif - a dock rep holding a tour sign, and maybe a few tourists. It's going to be so much fun! Just wait for the pictures :)

And yes, this means my heal is feeling much better. I have been going on some serious walks with Bruce and the steady increase has been great for it. We did a bit of jogging today, and all was well. We'll bump it up again tomorrow to see how it would be for the race this Saturday, but I'm anticipating positive results.

Anyone know what this plant is? I thought that the pointed four leaf white flower like this was on Dogwood trees, but I've never seen it on a low plant. I only had my phone when I took Bruce for a walk, so the quality is poor, but maybe one of you lovely readers will know of the top of your head. I'll look it up too, but maybe I'll get lucky by asking.
Bruce and I went out to Brotherhood Bridge, and had a nice hour walk. The mosquitoes were a mess and we had to turn around early, but the views were incredible. It is great to be able to go for a walk through a rain forest at any location in town. The whole town is a rain forest!
This was maybe 200 yards off the main road that leads from the Valley to Out the Road. Right beside the Mendenhall River. Now that I know Bruce doesn't get car sick, I'll get some bug repellant and head back out. There are a ton of meandering trails of the main trail head, and the whole area is dog friendly and pretty safe from bears. Next time I'll bring my camera so the quality is a bit better. But you get the idea. It's gorgeous.

We hits 70 degrees today! It was a heat wave! I love this weather.

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