Tuesday, June 2

LIving with girls

Being with Carrie and Jaquey has been a blast so far. They've been educating me on the hilarity of Eddy Izzard and Dane Cook, with promises of Margaret Chow in the future.

I have access to a coffee pot (!), which is the first since being able to use Audrey's when she brought her's over to my house for a few months. It may not produce the level of tastiness that my French Press gives me, but the sheer quantity of coffee makes me so very, very happy. I have taken a page out of Dan's book, and instead of rolling out of bed, bedraggled and sleepy faced to work, I'm up a few hours early so I can consume my caffeine and be awake before being expected to operate a machine and make people laugh. So far so good. It also helps that it's light by 3:30am, and the birds are chirping right outside my window. It makes me feel like I'm in a Disney movie.

Bruce the dog and I are getting along smashingly. I was convinced I could wear him out, so on our walk yesterday, I didn't set a limit on how far we we go. Two and a half hours later, I'm dragging my tired butt back up to the house (oh, I live on a huge hill now!) and he was still perky and jumping to investigate any little bug or movement in the grass. I should know better than to try and out moxie a Jack Russel terrier.

In the past few days, I've also been happy to have two messages from Dan. The first came as I didn't recognize the number and didn't answer, which made me feel horrible, and the other came while I was on that epic walk with Bruce and didn't bring my phone. We have a prearranged time for the next call, as it seems I am no good at this phone business (you could probably find that info out from my family, as they will testify I don't call enough, and don't answer my phone.)

I have photos, but my camera battery is dead, so you'll have to wait a little while longer for those. Time to get ready for work!

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  1. Great posts.

    One funny eddy bit revolves around a squirrel forgetting to turn the gas off, make sure you get to see that. Hope you keep having lots of fun.



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