Tuesday, June 9


It's a long shot, but did any one get to go to this last weekend? I was going through my favorite comics this morning, and came across the poster. If you remember from about a month ago, I was looking into Octopi and this one caught my eye. Maybe next year this time I'll be in New York and can attend! A museum for comic and cartoon art!

Still no Baxter.

My house mates have left for about two weeks. They are over at Carrie's mom's house taking care of some things, so no Bruce, no Carrie, no Jacque. Only one cat in all this space is just weird. Yesterday was particularly hard, as I was really feeling the onset of potentially never seeing B again, and then I got chewed out at the Bema by Julie at Allen Marine for something that I wasn't responsible for. Ug. I was one of three drivers for a whale watching boat, and one of the drivers showed up early (just as bad as showing up late in the tourism world). I was on the road, about five minutes early, and called in to the Bema to see how things were looking. I had plenty of time to do a roll through at the university to take up the time, but they told me to come down. They were frustrated because the first driver was so early and then had to reroute the other two drivers, and I caught the wrath. I just about cried right there in front of all the passengers.

I had to go back to the Bema later and I asked Julie what was going on, and she apologized, but for those four hours in between, I was thinking completely irrationally, contemplating packing up and moving out. I just want my cat back.

The week of sun has passed. Yesterday we had cloudy skies, and today is the same. I like it.

I finished the book American Gods yesterday. I am still processing it, but it was thought provoking. David, I'll talk to you about it for sure.

And to wrap it up today, one of the other drivers gave me a bike! It is an old, red, ten speed. He just had a friend tune it up, put puncture resistant tires on it, and didn't want it anymore. I said, sure I'll take it! It's only 4 miles to the shop from my house, and all bike friendly road. I need to get a light and fenders (as it rains tons), but other than that, it's perfect! He wouldn't take anything for it, so I'm trying to think of something to do for him. It's just too great a gift.


  1. you and baxter are in my cat prayers. cat prayers because we all know i don't do well with the other kind.
    i'm here for you always and you can call me anytime!
    hang in there

  2. I hope things get better Arial...

    Hang in there... you are an inspiration to me...


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