Sunday, June 7

New Photos

This is Erin. She is great. We went to watch a big band that was playing in Marine Park, and then we went back to her house. She has an awesome apartment right downtown.
This is the big band.
View of downtown from the Douglas Bridge.
This is where I live now. Douglas Island!
This is Mary and Adam. We have quite a bit of stage time, or down time, in between tours, and here is how they spend it - sudoku races.
Erin and I went for a walk on Sandy Beach yesterday. Here is a little bit of it.
This is part of the old Tredwell Mine, which was a mine that attemped to dig by and under the Gastineau Channel for gold, but it collapsed on itself. Much of the mine still remains, now with lots of hiking trails around it.

Baxter is still missing. I talked to my mom today and sheh made me feel better about it. Thanks to all who have given support. I'm sure he'll turn up. I'll keep you posted.

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