Sunday, June 14

Four days is too long for no update!

I had Friday off. With the free time I went on a Zip Line tour with my friend Lauren. It was misty, and all the water made it that much faster. It was close to 40 mph! We had a ton of fun with all the other zippers, and the two guides, Kyle and Daniel, were a blast too. Almost three hours of adrenaline and fun.
This is the group minus Kyle, who is out on the line taking the picture.
There were two Indiana Jones style bridges. We had to split the group up in two for weight purposes, and my group was having a blast swinging the bridge all over the place. This is our cheesy picture, which I think is pretty cute.
Lauren and I, looking like goobers. After zipping, we back to the house and watched a movie before going to a BBQ at Carrie's parent's house.

Carrie and Jacque hosted a great BBQ. The shore ex from the Volendam came for dinner too, and it ended up being a good group. Carrie made this amazing baked brie, with brown sugar, whiskey, and walnuts on top. So good! I'm can't wait to make it for my own party!
Lauren and Mary
Along with the great party and great atmosphere, Carrie and Jacque were responsible for taking care of Kimber, a black lab puppy. It was such a good dog!
We all played with her for so long and so hard, that he just tuckered out on the couch. Already she can fetch and has got the "I'm adorable" gallop down pat.
The two on the left are some of my managers, and the man on the right was the shore ex from the ship. They were so intently playing some Mario game on Carrie's Wii.

This is Travis. I felt a little bad for being part of the group that kept saying he looked like the dude from Reno 911, since he just shaved his beard into a moustache, but it almost had to be done. Travis is a fire fighter and he couldn't respond to any fires in the recent months because of his beard - it wouldn't make an air tight seal in the face mask. We'll see how long he puts up with the teasing.

Saturday was a different type of adventure.

I was doing an Evening Quest Whale watching tour, and just before the end my bus broke down. I couldn't get it started and had to rustle up some fast transportation for the very last tour of the day so they wouldn't miss their All-Abord time. A little stressful, but it ended fine. The frustrating part was it was a dead battery. It died in the 20 minutes I was waiting for my people to show up. Ug!

I got to talk to Dan, which is always a nice surprise. He was traveling that day from Shimla to Dharamsala and had stopped on the trip for some lunch. His lunch was my bed time. It works.

Today was easy stuff. The big excitement was possibly finding Baxter, as one of my neighbors said she saw a black and white cat with a pink nose and green eyes. I thought maybe she didn't get a good look at the eyes, as Baxter's are yellow, but when I got home today, it was no good. I found the same cat she spotted, and yes, it was black and white, with green eyes. Almost the exact same markings as B, but definitely not him. It sucked to go through. I'll keep you posted on any more B sightings that may come up.

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