Friday, June 26

Happy Birthday Ben!

My nephew is 2 today. As you can see, he is incredibly adorable. I can't wait to go back to Illinois and see him. He'll be huge! He'll be reading trade journals and spouting off theories on how to save our global economy. This kid is awesome.

It's my day off today. Going for a hike with The Bruce. Trying not to worry about Dan, as he got sick for three-ish days and is just now on the upswing. Having the stress of finals and getting sick - no good. It sounds like he has quite a bit of support from his classmates, and an adequate supply of medicine - I hope.

Had dinner with Mary and Lauren last night. Fun! One of the advantages of working for Holland America/Princess, is at the end of the season, I am eligible for a discounted cruise through them. I have never had the inclination to go on a cruise, but they seem to think it is a great time. We did quite a bit of talking about it. Mary was just married on a cruise, Lauren had a great time on hers. I'm still skeptical. I'm more of a get-out-and-do-it-myself sort of vacationer. Besides, I feel like I'm vacation now! I need to get home a find a real job, not float off and sit around for a week!

And to end, Congrats to Chris Longton for getting through his training with flying colors! Get home to Mrs. Longton already!


Just got back from a hike with Bruce. Instead of a new post I'll just add it on. I think I found a trail that has the potential to wear that little puppy out! However, I don't know yet, as I was tired way before he was. I think if we made it all the way to the tram (1800ft) and back down, he might come home and nap instead of wanting to still play. That dog has so much energy!

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