Thursday, June 11

A little reality

Work wise, I got it easy today. Other than waking up at 4:30 so I could make coffee, so I could be awake, so I could be in the yard at 6am, it was smooth sailing. A little shuttle duty, then a small little tour with 22 really fun people.

After I went home this afternoon, I took the bike out of my back seat that Wes, the dock rep, and I mashed in there yesterday. I put the tires back on, and hooked up all the brake lines, readjusted the brake handles and super annoying extra reflectors, and set off on a ride to the yard to time myself. Four miles in under 15 minutes. I can definitely do that for work. I'll add in a little time to change there, and WHAMO, I'm shrinking my gas bill.

I went to dinner with Erin and some others at Twisted Fish. A nice group with fun conversation. I rode home. I was just about to leave to go play softball when I got a call from Dan. It has been so hard going from talking to him everyday, to not knowing when I'll talk to him next, or when he'll get a chance to be around an Internet connection. But today we talked!

I got to hear all about his visits and adventures, cooking classes, homework movie assignments, and lots of things I can't remember names for. He is having such a wonderful time, and already the first half of his classes ends on Saturday. In less than two months, he'll be here!

I unloaded about Baxter, all my worries, trouble it's giving me at work, thinking the worse, and being generally miserable. He made me feel better in ways that only someone you love can, and I felt lucky to have him. I was buoyed by our talk.

I went and played pool after softball with Lev, Erin, and Lauren. The girls and I decided to try and go on a zip line tour tomorrow, since we're all off, and after a short while, we called it a night. When I pulled in to the drive, my headlights crossed over a large black bear, making it's way across the driveway, and into the woods. The first thing I thought of was, "Of course Baxter isn't just hanging around! He doesn't want to battle a black bear!" So now I'm back to feeling like I've lost my cat for good and nature has taken over.

My friend sent me this link so maybe not all is lost.

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  1. I'm glad you got to talk to Dan! and really glad it made you feel better. I'll keep praying B comes back and just had an amazing adventure :O)


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