Sunday, June 7

Evening walk

Erin and I went for a walk about in Marine Park tonight. Had a little Pel Menis, did some girl talk, enjoyed the views.
The ships that come in to port are huge. I had forgotten just how freakin' big they are until we went down to a small pier that's used for float plane departures. We got so see the bow up close at the 8 foot tide level (we have 24 foot tides here).

There was also some silly and sweet sidewalk chalk art. It was a good night. I talked to both my mom and my dad today, both unplanned, and both gave good hopes for Baxter's return. Dad gave me some ideas for traveling home, and we got each other excited for the coming of Miah and Jessie's baby girl, due in September.


  1. Great shots.


  2. You take such amazing photos Ariel. I love the one of the ship. How I miss it there.


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