Thursday, June 4


After work some people went down to Sandy Beach (they're real creative with names here ie: the bridge, the tram, the road). It was beautiful! We had a scorcher yesterday, it getting up to 75 degrees! I had two big tours that were in between one another, and each time I saw my people, they were getting a little more red, and a little more red, and a little more red...

The beach was great. Football, volleyball, a bonfire. Lots of work-talk, but it doesn't seem so bad when there is a beer in hand and good smelling ocean water mixing with campfire smoke wafting around..

There was a mysterious Adventure Club brew in a large igloo container. Is it lemonade? Nope!

This is Bruce, and proof that the kitties are getting more tolerant. Kodak is sitting there, finally not growling whenever Bruce walks by.
This is my view from Douglas Island, where I'm at now. I get to look back on downtown Juneau and enjoy being a little bit away from the tourists. My favorite pub is just a 15 minute walk away from the house, and it's only a two mile walk into downtown.

And after three failed attempts and several emails, Dan and I finally were able to talk to each other yesterday. 20 minutes! It was surreal to think after wards, I'm on a beautiful beach in Alaska, having a bonfire, and just got a wonderful call from India. It's hard to feel bad after that.

I have more photos to put up, and I just realized Carrie has xtratuffs! I can show you those too!

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