Saturday, June 27

Not So Merry Go-Round

I had a little unplanned free time this morning. I only have one tour today, and it leaves the dock at 5pm. A free morning! What to do?

Job search!

I looked for a job. Not sending out my resume or making phone calls. Just looking what's out there. As the days keep ticking by, I am getting more anxious about what needs to happen after I'm done in Juneau. Finding a job, moving, selling or renting my condo. I'm a good worrier. If I start early, I can spread out the stress instead of letting it strangle me in the weeks before I get home. However, it's not working that way.

As I'm looking at job postings, I can't help but feel it's a waste of time. I know I can do some good from here, but the real results come from getting into the places in person and then leave a lasting impression. That and I know I'm better in person than on paper.

All this and more has me anxious. Lists are all over the place. I'm playing with the ridiculous amount of variables that would change my travel/life plans in the near future. I'm trying to ease the stress by making plans, but I can't really make plans, so it's pointless.

I should just go for a walk.


  1. look for a job in Portland.
    that's where we'll move and be rooooommates!?

  2. Don't forget to factor in every variable. What happens if you spontaneously become a paraplegic?

    Or if you wake up, and can only speak Russian?

    There are so many more things you can worry about!

    Really though, come back, you'll find yourself a job. :)


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