Saturday, May 30

May is over

A month of the tourism season has already gone by. It seems both quick and painfully long. What I've liked about this summer better than others here is living away from the valley. Being able to walk out my door, go two blocks to a coffee shop or a pub makes being up here alone much more enjoyable.

The people I've met at Gold street have had a stereotypical small town cheerfulness that is contagious. Lots of fleece. Lots of hiking sandals. Lots of dogs. Lots of xtratuffs. I'll take a picture of some xtratuffs so you know what I'm talking about.
Tours haven't been bad for me. Organization has been com si com sa at the dispatch office, but that's to be expected. It's been: sunny - more than typical, cold -about average, and miserable - close to none.
The dock reps, two of about 50 are Eddie and Kelly above, have their game faces on, and are doing their best to keep things organized. Any frustrations are getting swept under the rug. It's still early enough for easy forgiveness and a night's sleep.

And I'm moved. I'm happy to be in with Carry and Jackie. They are both cool girls with low key drama. Already the cats are making nice with the dog, and I have my little corner of the house to relax in. I sit right there, on the edge of the bed and type my emails and load my pictures, with Kodak beside me taking a nap and Baxter up on the table.

I've had so much free time in compared to years past, that I'm truckin through books. I can't get a library card without local bills in my name, so I'm borrowing books, and buying books, and reading like crazy. I will have a huge stack to donate to the library at the end of the summer - I am not driving them back to Il.

So, we'll see what June brings. Already I'm bummed I'm missing Benjamin's second birthday. I won't get ahead of myself...

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