Saturday, May 16

Fjordland Tours

Work today wasn't work at all. Eleven drivers went out to the end of the road to see a specific stop that we'll be picking up passengers from. We went through the specifics of the turn around area, then were taken on a boat tour of the bay. We were out on the water for two and half hours and saw some incredible things.

Right off the dock there was in wonderful flock of Skim Scooters (sometimes called Snorkel Ducks). These ducks would line themselves up, maybe 400 of them, in a long row leading out of the bay. Starting at the front, they would dive underwater, the ones behind not diving until the progression made it's way down the line, stay under for 20-25 seconds, then pop back up some 30 yards away from where they dove down. It was a wonderful ripple of dunking under and resurfacing, almost like they teleported to a different area of the bay. They dive for small fish and muscles underwater. After they ate, they'd all fly off at the same time, settle out farther in the inlet, then reform their line and start over.

We also saw sea lions. A huge gathering of sea lions. There were a three bulls, all with their harems surrounding. The noises they were making seemed more like a football team having a belching contest than a herd of sea animals. And they were so loud! After watching for some time, we notice there was one female off by herself. Then there was something moving that was red. She was having a baby! A pup was being born, right there on the rock! The second picture below has the mama and pup. We took a second pass, to get another look, but mom had moved the pup to her tummy side to feed and we lost view. But what a moment!

This is Erin and I. We had fun last night listening to bluegrass, and happened to both have the same duty today. She was taking tons of pictures with her new present to herself, which I'm hoping to get copies of. The whole group had fun joking on the way out the road, then back again when it was over.
The boat was manned by two, Captain Glen, and deck hand Sierra. I shared with them that they shared my dad and sister's names, telling them I'd have no problem remembering. Glen built this business from scratch, his wife as marketing manager, and kids as workers. Sierra is one of their hires from California. She's been with them for six years now.

Harbor seals hanging out on a buoy!

It was such a great day!

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  1. o it looks like so much fun - and everyone all bundled up cuz of the chilly weather!!! Shoot we are wearing as little as possible around here that is still acceptable in public cuz otherwise we will die of heat.


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