Monday, May 25

Weed whackers are blazing outside. There are construction crews and back-up beepers sounding from all over town. Winter has left Juneau!

I had an easy day, and I'm meeting with Carrie tonight to see her house.

I'm exploring the world of Flickr. I'm not happy with photobucket, Facebook is too exclusive, Adobe Bridge isn't linked, and I have Picasa, but wasn't impressed with my first run through. I don't like that Flickr only lets you post 200 photos for free, but I'll play with it and make up my mind later. If you want to be my friend on Flickr, my name there is Ariel_Jane. I'll probably post my Alaska pics there that don't make it here.

I spoke too soon about my tendon. I was feeling great yesterday, and so went for a long walk. Still feeling good this morning, so I walked to work, but half way through the day with going up and down the stairs on the bus, I hurt it again. So more rest is required. I hate this! I told Kristy I'd be running here so when I get back we can do the ISU Homecoming race together. I need to get better!

In other random news, I bought myself a present. One of the stores here was having a grand opening sale and their amber jewelry was 70% off. It was a steal! So I bought a ring. It was $12. Nothing like petrified sap to make a girl feel pretty :)

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  1. Facebook has an option that you can make them all visible to the public. I don't know that everyone can comment on them though...


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