Thursday, May 28

Moved! Again! To Douglas!

I'm out of the house on Gold street. I was going to do half today and the cats tomorrow, with one last night in with the Moldavians, but I got to workin' at it, and all of a sudden, I had vacuumed, washed the sheets, and hit the road.

Baxter is currently hiding under my new bed, and Kodak is staked out under the coffee table, staring at the door, which has a Bruce on the other side. No, not Bruce, the nice old sea boat captain I used to live with. Bruce, the very cat friendly Jack Russel terrier. Baxter and Kodak don't know that he's friendly, as they only know he likes to run at them. It is very safe to say they are freaked out. BUT - There was no scratching, no huge run fights through the house, and nothing broken so far. They will get used to each other, and I bet by the end of the summer, I can even snap a photo of them being cozy and nice.

In other exciting news in my world, I heard from Dan today! He got to a computer and sent some awesome photos from Agra. It is so beautiful there!

There was a fluke today at work that made me feel like an idiot. An embarrassed idiot. They put me on a tour that I've never done, but I've been talked through. Well, I wasn't talked through it correctly, as I didn't know where to go when it came to the actual tour. There are three stops, so after the first, I called a manager and asked them for step-by-step instructions. When it was close to the end, I met up with the location guide, and the owner of the establishment to apologize, but they apologized to me! They didn't know I was supposed to be there at all and they were starting to send their staff home. They didn't have an updated ship schedule, and felt horrible that they weren't ready. Mess ups on both sides, which thankfully didn't make it to the guests. It could have been horrible.

It was a small tour, one in which I have lots of time to talk with everyone. Nine people, all very happy to have someone ask them questions and be interested. I've never been on a cruise, and in situations like these I like to ask their honest opinions of their experience. I want to know if it is like I imagine (over whelming in a casino way, with too many flashing lights and never ending music. Or more rightly, boring.). One couple tells me they've been cruising for close to ten years, going everywhere from South America to Scotland, with several stops along the way. I got some very interesting insight. It's such a crazy world, this cruise ship life! As much as they all say I should go on a cruise, I haven't changed my mind. I'd rather spend the money some other way. Sorry. It's fun to hear their stories though.

Pictures of the new digs and such to come! (Where did I put my camera?)

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