Sunday, May 3

Home Sweet Home

As promised, below is a view of the house I was staying in when I first arrived in Juneau. The tarp droop that is the middle of the roof is where we were catching water runoff to flush the toilets, and the stairs that are under the structure in the middle of the image were a fun obstacle, as the ground was thawing, and they had started to come unsecured from their footings.

This is where I'm at now. 408 Gold Street. My room is the one with the open window in the middle. I get glorious sunshine all day with its south exposure, and the cats like looking at all of the activity on the street. There is working plumbing, heat, and even room in the refrigerator.
This is the view up Gold street.
This is the view up 4th Street.

There is a 600 ft elevation gain with in four blocks, and a trail head to Perseverance Trail just farther up the road. The watershed for the city is just through that dip in the mountain, and it gives both great views and great exercise. I can walk to work, with it being just a mile and half straight south, but, we'll see how long the nice weather will hold out. Downtown Juneau gets on average 97 inches of rain a year, and we are due for a downpour. In fact, even as I type the sky is turning gray. Oh well. I had my coffee in the sunshine this morning.

And this nice man is Bruce. He is one of my house mates. He is a fishing boat captain who is waiting for the go ahead from his doctor to leave for the season. He thinks this year he'll fish for black cod and shrimp. The first night I was in the house, I had a good three hour talk with Bruce, and learned some interesting theories he has about government conspiracies. He seems to be a caring fellow who has lost his interest in living in the United States, but he won't be able to leave until his parole is up.

Another housemate of mine is Paul. Paul came from Arizona, via Michigan, and used to be an engineer for Honeywell. He had his pilot's license for sometime, but decided to make it his full time occupation after positions were becoming scarce in his company. He'll be working for a company call Wings, doing transports to the small towns in southeast Alaska. Paul helped me find this place to live one afternoon as were were sharing an outlet at the Silverbow Bakery. He needed help cropping photos to send to his sister, and I shared I was searching craigslist for a place to live. Maybe I'll snatch a photo of him when he gets back from a trip to Anchorage for the weekend.

There is another Paul that lives here, but he comes and goes at random. The only evidence he exists is the very real boy smell coming from his room, and the occasional dirty dish in the sink.

Soon to join the house will be three foreign exchange students from Bulgaria. I have no idea what they'll be doing here, but I'm sure I'll find out in due time.

I got invited to a halibut bake by my friend Carrie from my 2004 season, and I believe there is a movie to watch also. Things are looking up considerably.


  1. Yay Ariel...I'm happy you have a new place to live (that sucks about the boy smell). It sounds like things are turning sunny despite the weather report. I hope you're enjoying your time so far...I wish you could join Sarah and me in Phoenix but now that we have an address don't be too surprised if a care package arrives. Miss you tons! Take care.



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