Thursday, May 7

New Lullaby

The first day of 6th grade, I was a crossing guard, and Rebekah Markley was a new student. I crossed her and her mother, and later I found out, her mother says, "I bet you are going to be friends with that girl."

We were in the same class and stayed friends through high school, being involved in the same classes and Young Life. Rebekah went off to college in Sitka, Alaska, and I stayed in Washington. We never really stayed in touch. However, via the magic of Facebook, we met in person yesterday, had dinner, and shared our stories.

We were both nervous about seeing each other after 8 years. She said for some reason she thought I wouldn't like her. How silly our insecurities are! We talked about our relationships with our families, how they have changed, and how we didn't ever see ourselves being these people. But we are happy. We have finally learned to be unapologetic for the people we have become.

We have a lot in common still. Our decisions both with youth leadership, Church, and then to leave both, were made for somewhat similar reasons. Now, in not wanting to go back to Spokane, not wanting to be part of the group of "what white people like," and trying to be open to more things we never saw ourselves being a part of, we are willing to have the conflicts that result from those decisions.

It was wonderful. We drank beer with each other, talked about how we met our perspective loves, and felt like we had really reconnected. So, I have a friend back in my life. If even just for that, I am glad I came to Juneau.

Today I came back from work to see three packages in my mailbox! Three! A letter from Kristy, a long awaited CD from Matt, and the much anticipated last episodes of Battlestar Galactica from Dan. It was so wonderful to see something as small as familiar handwriting. Such wonderful, happy handwriting.

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  1. I just read this Ariel! How sweet! I remember that day so well! I loved it! Your words brought me to tears :)


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