Sunday, May 17

Another move

Ok, after this, I don't expect you to keep up with my moving anymore. I realize it's starting to get ridiculous. But...I'm moving again!

There is nothing bad about my current living situation, other than the price of being there. I've kept up the housing search, knowing I can find something for less than $708.25 a month. I shared my search with a local friend and her partner. They decided to clean out one of their rooms, currently being used for storage, and let me take it over. They live on Douglas Island, fairly close to my first home here. They have a dog, which from what I hear, won't be a problem, as he is docile and cat friendly. We'll see.

I am so excited to be over there. They are a great couple, super sarcastic, and fun. They are both big into WoW - which they thought would be weird for me, but I explained my familiarization with its demands. A washer and dryer will be at my disposal, and WiFi. And I'm back in the range I originally wanted to spend for housing here. I head over at the beginning of June, and hopefully won't move again. I'll have the place to myself for June, as they are house sitting for Carrie's mom. Going from Paul, Paul, and Bruce, to Carrie and Jackie will be a nice change. Sorry boys, but a clean bathroom is an invaluable gift.

This means I'll have a new address. I'm great friends with Paul the pilot, so if anything happens to wonder in after I've left, he'll make sure it gets to me.

This is Carrie back in 2004 when I first came to Juneau. That silly boy with her is Joel, one of the class clowns from that driving year. Drivers are so fun. Really, it's like summer camp up here.

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