Monday, May 25

Happy Birthday Boys!

I feel like I ordered my cats. I was running the Coffee Hound in Normal, and Kristin White was my go-to Saturday morning crew member. She and I would sweep the sidewalk, talk about boys and house stuff, get the shop ready for the herds to arrive promptly at 8am. Her kitty got out of the house one night and came back expecting. As soon as she told me I asked if she was planning on keeping them to term, and after the yes I said, "I'll take two!"

I got updates on how Prussia was doing, a call when they were born, visited the troupe before they were ready, and then finally got to bring them home. I scheduled myself short days for the first week, with the first two days be off completely, and eversince, we've been a happy little family.

My boys are turning 2 on May 30th. It goes so quick! *snif* *snif* I thought I'd post a ton of pictures of them being cute, because I'm a proud mama. However, this is not a blog about cats. But if you want that, this is a cat blog. And this is a blog written by a cat.

Camping in California

Napping on Dad's couch in Spokane

Napping on Sarah's porch in Scottsdale

Riding in the car down to Carbondale

Kodak telling Dan it's time for a study break

Kodak being incredibly fluffy

Baxter as a baby

Baxter as an even smaller baby

Baxter being a nose

The boys that first day home

The boys at three months

Three months

A year and a half


  1. they are SO BEAUTIFUL!!! and i miss them.
    it's like just a few months ago that they were little kitttttens!

  2. they are really adorable....


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