Monday, May 11


Finally I got the quirks worked out with my camera. There was a goblin, or some other such creature keeping me from sharing Rebekah with you all. This is my friend that lives in Sitka, that came to Juneau last week. She's great!

I've gone and hurt myself. I was running my track around downtown and the docks on Thursday. Friday I walk to work, but started to feel pain in my left Achilles tendon. Saturday I had a hard time flexing it fully. Stairs were/are particularly painful. I had the day off so I stayed off it as much I could, did slight stretching, and massaged the area. Sunday was fine for the morning, but after work it was back to stabbing pain. There is no knob, or swelling. I'm wrapping it today, and the slight immobilization feels better. I am not going to the doctor. Yet.

However, why I went on that rant was to explain the picture below. Saturday when I was sitting around feeling like a gimp and watching episodes of Deadwood, I pieced together this, a quilt-to-be. I brought up a silly amount of fabric, with the hopes of getting to some project, and hurting myself offered the perfect opportunity. There will be more strips of fabric of varying widths on the outsides of the green and blue, and some appliqued swallows in there too.

I brought the fabric, but I didn't bring my shears, cutting board, or sewing machine. It was interesting slicing the chunks with the knife on my leatherman, and determining the size by folding the pieces in varying modes of "half." It was interesting hand sewing too. About half way through I got in the rythum and went in mostly straight lines :) It adds character, right?

When it's done, with edging and border, it should be about the size of a twin blanket. Probably lopsided, but in that general area.


  1. I bet Dan would ship you sewing stuff to you. Or dad would.-- Ciara

  2. Oh, we have a quilt shop here too. It was more a matter of not wanting to wait or leave the house. Plus, now I can say I've done extreme quilting! I mean, this is Alaska, I'm supposed to be roughin' it!

  3. You are doing beautiful work....
    I love the colors and how it is taking shape.
    Post a picture when you get it completed.

    Sometimes doing projects without machines makes it even more unique and memorable.

  4. DID you get new running shoes YET?!??

  5. No. And now I'm chiding myself for the decision.


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