Monday, July 6

July is starting off super good

It's been a few days. Sorry for the lag in posts, but I've been having a great July!

Take a minute and click on the photo above. This is where I work. Everyday. That has been making me really happy lately. I was waiting for a boat to arrive for a tour, and I got to stand out at this pier for twenty minutes watching that fishing boat do it's thing, and a little herd of harbor seals poke their heads up every now and then.
This is Leon and Bill. Brothers that were on the tour that came off the boat I was waiting for. They are traveling with their daughters and other family members, and enjoying themselves greatly. They were sitting in my front seat and made my experience a dream, from a drivers perspective. They were talking when we were waiting for everyone to show up at the stops, making sure all the people getting on were paying attention and laughing at my jokes, and were just fun all over. I asked to take their picture and they got all excited, saying they were always ready to get their picture taken by a pretty girl. Their daughters could hear Leon and Bill explaining the family history to me, and they piped up saying, "There they go again!" These brothers are quite the team, it seems.

The 4th of July was also a great time. Two days of festivities (Juneau starts on the 3rd!) with the bug bites and tan lines to prove it. In fact, I was having such a great time, I didn't even think for a second to take a picture. I'm waiting for my friends to post some to steal :) There were fire works, southern style cook outs - made possible from my friends from Louisiana, and some delicious beer from the Alaskan Brewery. Big yum all around. Throwing the football around and a great phone call from Dan. Such a good 4th.

Our weather has been a dream, with today getting as high as 94 degrees out at Auke Bay. 94 degrees! What is this!? Everyone has been taking advantage of it, including Lauren and I, who have found an awesome trail out the south end of Thane that was so beautiful last night. Waterfalls, sun shining through the forest, and then we poped out on the beach. It is supposed to last the week, so lets all keep our collective fingers crossed that I keep getting buses with working air conditioning, and I get off early enough to enjoy it!

Along with these wonderful things, I've also got some not so great news about my sister. I'm not going into details, but she was admitted to the hospital in Portland, and seems to be on the upswing now, but that my free moments of brain space worried about when she will be given the green light to head home. Maybe in the next day?

And today marks the two year anniversary of me buying my condo. Time goes so fast! I'll share a picture of my living room, complete with two sleeping kitting on the couch :)

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  1. At first glance, I thought that was a disco ball. I'm going to keep pretending it is.


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