Saturday, July 18

Saturday in Portland

Ciara is feeling much, much better. We even ventured out of the house yesterday to visit some nurseries, shop a bit, and see the new Harry Potter movie.

After the movie, Adam and C took me out to Papa Hayden's for dessert, which was undeniably wonderful. If you are in Portland, go down to 23rd and investigate for yourself. I recommend the berry tart and the panna cotta, although everything looked quite heart stopping. I've never seen such creative things done with merang!

Today Ciara and I are off to venture up with Rose, a teacher friend of C, and then later we're meeting back up with Adam to have an evening with his friends.

I've been anxious leading up to this weekend, as Dan is getting ready to travel home from India. I tried to get the time switch worked out with flying, so I think he should get to Chicago Monday night/Tuesday morning our time, but I could be totally wrong. Anyway, soon! Yay!

My best thoughts are going out to my dear friend Kristy and her mom.

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